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What does your heart say?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I've been sitting on the post for a while now. A few weeks turned into a few months and though I intended to publish it then, now seems so much more fitting.

I recall writing this post and then re-writing it as nothing seemed to fit right... I mean, talking about our heart spaces to begin with is not an easy task and for me, coming recently into the hearing of my own heart over my head- I didn't feel like much of an expert in this department. I sure as heck didn't feel I had steady ground to write as an expert on the topic.

Though what I can do is speak to what I learn and often enough I have said that life is a continuous process of learning and sharing so that we may seed, plant, and help other grow. So here goes. I may not have been gardening this lesson long but I suppose the thought and intention behind is is why you keep reading.

This concept reminds me somewhat of my recent trip to Vancouver with Sofia. Sofia and I had never been to Vancouver before, and though I tend to plan (maybe even over-plan thing sometimes) through the years I have made over-planning for travel a big time no-no.

Now, with that being said, I do love guidance and a good understanding of trip goals, but structured planning has very much been on the outskirts of personal travels for years now and has worked out well in my favor.

This time however, as the plane started to come into the runway and I learned the city had no uber or lyft system- I began to think my under-planning had gone wrong. Sofia was flying in the next day from her dad's home, and I really hadn't the slightest idea how to navigate the city. Here I was. No planning and no idea what I was doing. What happened? A small panic set in. My mind was reeling. What if this turned out to be really lame and I walked right into this MESS willingly and with open arms, wasting time, money, and precious memories. There's no way, right?


As I gather Sofia from her plane, we read each sign and found ourselves directly under the train sign pointing into the city. Sofia's eyes lit up, and right away we knew we were in for the adventure. She glowed as if the idea were my very own and we skipped to the track, purchased our tickets and got on. It was that simple. We didn't know how far we were from our destination, and I prayed it wouldn't cost me a hefty amount to get where we were going, let alone the major bruise to my ego but we seized the moment and discovered it together. It was wonderful and fun, and everything turned out exactly how I would have liked it to.

I'm asking for a moment like that moment here, with you. I am no 30 year expert on detailed instructions on how to navigate your feelings and I don't know how to map the city of your heart- but instead- I'm asking you begin to show me and everyone you know the very best parts of it.

What does your heart say?

When you start to draw out the places you have gone in your heart and where you would like to go, what does your heart say?

Practice listening to your heart instead of your mind and see what outcomes and adventure lay waiting for you. Let it be simple. Let it surprise you. To listen to your heart is to stand is an ever-moving and beautiful new place that feels like home. It's like the child that follows her mother and it's like getting on a train to unexpected places.

Be not afraid.

There are ways to get home. There are new ways to walk to the place you know, and there is a day when that unfamiliarity seems very...familiar.

I'm asking you to practice. To hone in. To listen.

Our minds are very good reasoners, but they are not always guided by what we want- they are guided by past knowledge and more importantly, past hurts. The mind is a strong protector and the heart - a natural born adventurer.

Listen to her more.

Love her more.

Heal her more.

What does your heart say?

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