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Today’s messsge: take a break.

Before every card pull, I pray. I ask God, the Source, what I need to know right now. What is pressing for my higher good. What is blocking me from being the best version of myself for the people I serve. And it never disappoints. “Take a break”

I found myself doing it again..getting so busy in my desire to help that my days become busy and booked and euphorically wonderful with new lessons and opportunities to help others grow.

In doing so though-being incredibly busy- I realize I’m sort of saying I don’t fully trust all of this will be waiting for me in Divine timing, aren’t I? It’s the need to control and the illusion that I, myself, have an idea of where all of this is going...that I can contribute to the outcome by DOING a lot of things, not co-creating things.

The ego creeps in to say “If I do enough, work hard enough, fill up my schedule enough..I am really making a difference.” And while it’s important that we carry out our life’s purpose, we mustn’t forget that we were DESIGNED for our calling. No amount of hustle, no amount of convincing another human will make it MORE so. It’s the heart that maketh the man (and women) not the hours spent proving it is so. You GOT THIS.

So I urge you as I urge myself- take a break if you’ve been moving quickly. Stand firm and KNOW that as long as you are focused, committed, and have a heart to do well-you WILL do well. Know that the things you’ve wanted will be yours in universal timing and alignment and free yourself-even if only for a few days- from the idea that your “doing things” is equivalent to your value. You, even on a break, are enough.

Breathe. Trust. Repeat.

You are beautifully growing.

Xo from tawn, with Love.

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