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Today I am wise...


In the past 6 months

I’ve really come to see how many walls I put up.. both around those I wanted to keep in and around those I wanted to keep out. Then..I set course on taking those walls down brick by brick.

I’ve saw my dialogue change from "they have" to "I can" and revealed a purpose in every life lesson I thought destroyed me, my innocence, and my ability to love and feel loved.

I‘ve come into alignment that it’s just as important to be kind to myself as it is to be to others, and that being present is far superior to being perfect.

6 months ago, I couldn’t imagine speaking my truth as a medium, claiming my place as a healer, or finding myself worthy to be a coach.

Today, I’d say I am those things, but in wisdom I’d say I’m still growing. I’d say that’s ok too, as every scar I’ve uncovered brought tools to help heal a client. A friend. Another spiritual sister (or brother). That’s just how perfect God and the universe is- even when we don’t feel like it’s working for us, our greatest struggles can actually be used for a greater good.

If you can, set aside a few minutes to reflect on the work you’ve done. Celebrate and smile at the courage you’ve shown becoming who you are, be grateful for the moments that shaped where you’ve been and set sights on becoming nothing short of glorious.

You can do this, and I’ll do it with you. It really does start with the inward work first. It’s time.

It’s time to face our true North.✨

Xo, from tawn, with Love

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