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The Definiton of “Me time”

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

I think for a lot of us,“Me Time” tends to feel like a grand gesture.

An entire event around pouring wine, lighting candles, or taking ourselves out on a date (I’ve done all of these things, so hear me out for a moment). Though these things are certainly important, and much needed for a well rounded regime of self care, I would say to you that sometimes 5 minutes stolen on your bedroom floor may be enough Me Time to recharge you!

This is the very thing I found myself doing tonight. Early today, I set time to intentionally write. To create a calm, quiet, and relaxed space to write a few blogs or get started on my book. I was going to WIN this Saturday. Zen and all.

Whelp around 7:30P after I picked up groceries WHILE on a call to a dear friend of mine, then wrestled with said grocery bags in. the.rain. trying as much as humanly possible not to slip only to remember that I left a sink full of dishes for my future self to wash since Tiana and I Netflixd almost the entire day away....then got notified for work emails and texts for friends who needed me to be present....this day has indeed gotten away from me. Then hold on..let’s look down shall we? omg. Where did this laundry come from?!?!? Ugh.

I sat down. Right in the middle of the room. I just...sat down. I needed a moment. I started to become disappointed in myself for not learning how to relax and wished I had done better to balance my time. You would think I’d have a handle on this by now, really. I mean, really Tawn.

I breathe in.

close my eyes.

It’s all ok.

The definition of Me Time is to take time to remind yourself it’s ok if things don’t go as planned. It’s also really ok if they do. Just remember to give yourself a few minutes to simply...breathe. It’s as simple as that. No crazy philosophical or deep discussion had here.

Sit where you are and be in that moment. Hear your breath come to you and flow from you and remind yourself that you are doing your best.

There will be a time for busy matters and time for slowing down.

Recognize and welcome these moments as they come to you. Then practice being grateful for the moments your body inhales and exhales without your prompting. For you are made to be miraculous, and even your body sees so much worth in you. Yes. You are very loved indeed. Use your Me Time as you see fit. You deserve it.

xoxo from tawn, with Love.

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