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The art of practice, and practicing your art.

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Will you help me test, tone and sharpen my skills?

While I believe that I have crafted a pretty good program for spiritual sis-ness (yes, that‘s a word) I always believe that practice makes a special kind of perfect. While some new ideas are in beta mode, there is still much to learn and I’m asking humbly for some of your heartspace, eyes, and ears. For the next few months I’m asking you help me level up by offering a discounted rate for services and drawing or two for some pro-bono sessions.

How to get involved? Please take a look around at the services and message if something sparks your interest- then, kindly share this good news with your family, friends or anyone you feel I may benefit from this promo- that’s it! Seriously, that’s it!

If you feel like getting crazy, and really want to support and share this next level with me, feel free post to this news to your social media and any other platform you deem relevant.

Together we can share light, love, and healing.

I love you.

xoxo- from tawn, with Love

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