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Beginners guide to manifestation.

I've been thinking a lot about manifesting lately. In creating this site and spending so many hours visualizing and over-perfecting, I can't help but think that the time I used to manifest -let's say..FONTS- could have been used to manifest connecting to my purpose. Visualizing speaking engagements. Manifesting healthy hair growth. Yes, I said it.

When we think on things, the idea or start process of manifestation surrounds our aura. It helps mediums like myself pick up on things you may be thinking about or driving towards, but this is the start of putting the idea out into the universe, or speaking it into existence as I say.

But oh, to be human, and oh so flawed. To be flexible and willing to allow yourself the time to have moments where your mind wander because you are passionate, and day dream on random items.

A good start? Allow yourself to manifest smiles- they are the easiest to do.

To practice manifesting, simply find a moment to be quiet and allow yourself to breathe. Listen to your breath and allow the chaos of other things to fall away from you.

Now, feel free to use your imagination!

Imagine a realistic scenario and allow yourself to feel the emotions that go along with that situation. Imagine yourself receiving a call for the job you want. Imagine meeting someone amazing at the store. Imagine smiling as you receive good news from a friend.

Go ahead and sit in that emotion for a minute and take the time to imagine your surroundings while these things occur. Go ahead, feel it all vividly!

--Repeat when you can.

Doing so attracts the scenario to you- the more you manifest it, the more solid it becomes. The universe will bring it to fruition if it serves a purpose in your life.


"I am worthy of this manifestation. I am opening my heart and my mind to receive according to my greater good, and rejoice in the possibility of my blessing. Whatever is meant for me, I welcome with open arms."

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