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I recently pulled the play card from my deck and every time I hear my guides say I need to relax or have more fun, I legitimately don’t understand. I get offended. Audibly: “Y’all Trippin.”

Truthfully, they are usually spot on and remind me in times of high stress but ok we’re not talking about me right now.

Guys, the heavenly realms are telling us to HAVE FUN! Play is an important element to the work we’ve yet to do, and encouraging each other to take on this practice is critical.

Reminder: one of God’s greatest gifts to us is Joy- encouraging us to seek what makes us smile so that we ultimately, what happens? We in turn, give the gift of joy to others. Ripple effect of goodness.

What have you done lately to really p l a y? This was so flipping easy when we were kids! We built forts and made up games and did not think twice about putting on concerts for our parents and shoot, sometimes even the neighbors. No shame.

I guess what I really want to say is: the road to self discovery doesn’t have to be all serious, all the time. In fact some of the key elements to healing IS fun.

If you’re stressed or feeling unsure of your path, take a moment and realize what a badass you really are- you’ve been working hard and taking care of others and problem solving the heck out of day to day issues. Today? Be silly. Grab a board game, watch some stand up comedy or play charades with friends - you deserve a little recess.

Meet you on the swings.

Xo from tawn, with Love

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