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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

a hello is in order!

For a very long time writing has been a passion of mine. I have written short stories, poems and even started a book (or two). It's my creative outlet and a way for me to journal without that terrible hand cramp you get somewhere around 3-4 pages.

Here, I pray that I can bring you along to the calling I feel so strongly these days- helping people. That sounds generic and really, REALLY vague right? Good. When we use the term " help people" it can be understood as a strong person giving assistance, guidance, a hand to someone in need. This is what I'm after, yes- but in a new way.

In my journey to discovery, I pray to help you as I help myself. To help peel back and reveal the parts of us that maybe no one likes to talk about. Some silliness, some rants, and some ramblings on motherhood, professionalism, and what it means to bring classic grace to a world where white gloves have been forgotten.

No, this is not a space for being perfect. This is a space for learning. A space for speaking life, love, and encouragement abundantly. It's about abandoning expectations and the known path, and seeing what candor and transparency can bring. It's about spiritual awareness and the power that we harness in the words "I am" and finally, about seeing and appreciating the unprotected and unfiltered version of who we are.


-from tawn, with Love

#hello #welcome #bringonthegoodness

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