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Just say yes.

I want to talk to you guys about Universal relentlessness. How very in control, and how very relentless the Universe is.

What if I told you that the Universe calls you- no. Ok, it CHASES you to face your true North. To live in your purpose. All you have to do is be yourself. Who you REALLY are.

And well, say yes.

Listen. Divine timing and energy is perfect.

Right now- this very second- you are reading this because YOU are being pulled from "meh" living and bring pushed TOWARDS life filled with happiness, fullness and joy.

I know that it’s easy to lean towards your path but not jump into it. Examine your purpose but not live in it. See yourself but not talk to yourself with intention.

I get it. Some days I worried I would fail. Some days I still do. Some days I felt like a badass. I can do this. Some days I’m like um ok. maybe not.

Sounds familiar right?

Let me ask you: what is holding you back from being the best version of you possible? What can you chose today that will help you say yes to your higher self?

And finally, are you ready to fully embrace the inner badass we all know you are? say yes.

I can’t WAIT to see who you’ll become 💛

xo, from tawn, with Love.

Sidebar: 1:1 coaching programs always include single card pulls. Always.

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