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It's about time.

I don't know who needs to hear this, or if I need to heat it myself but.. It's about time.

No, not time for you to make a move. (well, maybe that too) but it's about time. Literally.

Recently I‘ve found myself running quite short of time. I had an agenda for myself on what I want to accomplish day to day and tend to spread myself pretty thin. I've taken on this practice most of my life, starting work on a farm early saturday mornings at the wonderful age of 13. I loved it! And to this day, one of my favorite sayings is: "It's better to be busy than to be bored"- add a cheesy little giggle on the end and you've downright nailed an impeccable impression of me. I can HEAR myself SAYING this IN MY sleep you guys.

Now, ok. This is not to gloat about how my catch phrase could be on the cover of Forbes magazine ( guys if you're out there, feel free to contact me) or even how much go, go , go I've introduced into my life at an early stage- it's actually quite the opposite. Today, I'm encouraging us all to be mindful of how we spend our time.

Let me ask you- if I told you there was a fee for every minute you spent, would you be satisfied with how much you were spending, and the results you yielded for those investments? Would you be okay with how much you've spent on simply watching TV or in a relationship with people who don't value and uplift you? Would trading your non- renewable resource for a high risk gamble with no signs of long-term dividends be something you're willing to risk? And finally, do you consider your current time spend an investment or a resource bleed out?

Ideally, we would begin to treat every hour and every day like a designer dress with a hefty price tag and a serious no refund policy. You know, that SERIOUS pause you take before that big splurge item- you betta consider your options, girl. Not only should you love what you’re spending your precious money minutes on, to be honest with you- here comes the real of it all- you never know when your account will run dry.

Now, If we can truly begin to think about time in this way, what changes would you begin make?

So today, I encourage you to take a look at your time portfolios. See what you put stock into, and notice where you've made lengthy, non profitable deposits. Yes, this may mean shuffling, balancing, and re-investing, but all-in-all the idea is to grow. To flourish inside and out, and to be so abundant and wise with your time, that when you do spend those money minutes, it is so sooo worth it. You deserve the very best.

-xo, from tawn, with Love.

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