I'm Tawn Williams, Founder of Bloom Healing Arts Academy. 

Like all great things, Bloom was simply a vision in our first stages. I didn't know much about where the journey would lead, but I knew that I had one simple desire: to create a beautiful ripple in the world by improving the spiritual wellness of those I came in contact with.

That's it.

Through my journey as a healer, an empath, and a medium I began to discover the many different ways to achieve true and tangible happiness, but they were increasingly hard to find. I  had to search high and low, asked people who knew people, did a bunch of homework and still found that I had only scratched the surface.  What I really wanted was for a lot of options to be placed in front of me so I could chose where I wanted to go first.  AHA!
This is how Bloom was born.

During our next phase of moving from vision to creating impacts, I was heading into almost 20 years of corporate experience + leadership coaching, HELLO Divine Synchronisty *que the fireworks-light bulbs-shooting stars* because this lead us to go right to the place people spend most of their time: the workplace! By partnering with corporations who are ready to be the next generation employer, We help our corporate partners lead with authenticity and care. This means creating programs that teach their teams to embrace their personal  journey, give them tools to seek balance and reflect,  sit with pain and understand it, and even navigate to the root of limiting beliefs and disprove it.  Ultimately, we help them create an environment that leaves their employees  fulfilled, balanced, and happy!

Today, Bloom has inspiring and respected instructors that reach all across the globe, creating  a precious community of corporations and individuals that truly care about whole mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us- it is my truest desire that this academy gifts you with all the tools you need to live your best, most overflowing and abundant life..ever.

You deserve it.

-xo from tawn, with Love


to my mom, my girls and all those who took the time to encourage, inspire, and push me to take on this venture: I am forever grateful. you saw the gift in me, before I ever saw it in myself. thank you.