I'm Tawn Williams, Founder of  Anaya Wellness (formerly Bloom Healing Arts Academy)

Like all great things, when I started this company it was merely a vision.  I didn't know much about where the journey would lead, but I knew that I had one simple desire: to create a beautiful ripple in the world by improving the spiritual wellness of those I came in contact with.

That's it.


So how  did we get here? While going through my journey as a healer, an empath, and a medium I began to discover the many different ways to achieve true and tangible happiness, but they were increasingly hard to find. I  had to search high and low, asked people who knew people, did a bunch of homework and still found that I only scratched the surface. 

This is why we exist today.

 We thrive on bringing wellness to everyone, in every phase, in a variety of ways. What sets us apart is not just how we  deliver our offerings, but why we do. 

We partner with corporations because we genuinely care about work environments that are balanced, compassionate and growing. 

We created an online platform so we are not limited by vicinity, but inclusive of all backgrounds and beliefs

and, we share our heart-led leadership methods so we can spur on positive change wherever we go. 


It is a brave thing to be authentic in all we do.. to hear the inner journey call, and to answer. To lead with your heart and be unashamed. To step boldly into spaces that feel unknown and, to lean into the unfamiliar and still embrace it.

Thank you for being here, and for your interest in Anaya Wellness. For starting the journey.  Here's to living your best, most abundant life..ever.

You deserve it.

-xo from tawn, with Love